Spring 2007 Newsletter: Technology and Dingler Family Communications

The Dingler family reunions are now in their 28th year. There have been many changes since Martha, Margaret, Edith and I first met in 1979, not the least of which has been the advance in technology. When I published the Dingler book in 1983, I typed the proofs on a small Olivetti typewriter. Today I am in the slow process of transferring that data (as well as much later research) into my laptop, with the eventual aim of linking it all on our web site. So please continue to visit and submit information to the Dingler Family History web page (https://www.dingler-family.org/).

I am also attempting to transition from regular mail to email for the newsletters. This year, I will be forwarding the newsletter by regular mail to 260 people and by email to 75 recipients. I would like to reverse those ratios. If you receive this letter by email, you will probably not receive a hard copy in the mail. If you receive this newsletter by mail, yet also use email, please forward your email address to me at tcowan@jcowaninc.com. If you know of family members who should be receiving the newsletter, then forward their email addresses, as well. As long as we continue to put out the newsletter, there will remain some copies sent by regular mail. But with stamps now at 41 cents (probably even higher by this time next year), it only makes sense to keep our regular mailings to a minimum.