Reunion Dates for 2009

We’re going to be changing things a bit for the reunion in 2009. Due to a scheduling conflict, we’re going to move this year’s reunion back one week. The reunion for 2009 is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of July 24-26.

Before we changed the dates, we checked with Terry to see whether there was any significance of the traditional third weekend in July. Terry’s response:

A little history about the 3rd weekend in July:

It is much like the woman who always cut the end off her ham before cooking—just like her grandmother always did. She finally asked her grandmother why she did that before cooking a ham. Grandma responded, “Honey, I have to do that because my pan’s too short.” The lesson, obviously, is that we often continue to do things in certain ways for reasons that are no longer valid. Very early on, we discussed moving the reunion date, for several years running. Each time, Winnie Dingler objected because she had another reunion that other weekend. So, we stayed put with the 3rd weekend. Well, Winnie Dingler has been dead at least 10 years, and hadn’t been to a reunion for close to 10 years before that! The point being—there is nothing sacrosanct about the 3rd weekend.

We’ll have more details as plans are solidified.