Meet the Dinglers in Chattanooga for Reunion 2011

Pardon me, boy. Is that the Chatttanooga Choo Choo?

Yes, in fact it IS the Chattanooga Choo Choo.  And it will be pulling into the station with the Dingler Family Reunion onboard!

When Eufaula turned out to not be available for 2011, we decided to move it back to 2012, and find a new host city. We cast our gaze northwards (but not too far north) and landed just past the Georgia border in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you haven’t been to Chattanooga, it is in a scenic area, nestled on the banks of the Tennessee River.  It is easily accessible, at the meeting point of three interstates, and filled to the brim with things to do and see.  This won’t be the farthest north we’ve been (that would be Mountain View, Arkansas), but it will be our first reunion in Tennessee.

I’ll post details about the hotel arrangements and how you can book your room later today. I’ll also send out an email to everyone on the mailing list who has an email address on record. We’re only 113 days away, so time to start making plans!