Hessian Heritage Days

For those of you in Pennsylvania, the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association (JSHA) Inc., is holding 29th consecutive annual meeting and picnic at 10 a.m. Sunday, July 11, at Valley View Park (Valley View, PA). The theme is “Something for Everyone: Hessian Heritage Days.” For more info about the event, see the JSHA web page.

JSHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching those German auxiliary troops (generically called Hessian) who remained in America after the Revolutionary War, became loyal citizens, made cultural contributions and were the progenitors of any thousands of Americans living today. JSHA has designated Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, as a repository for documents, manuscripts, etc., for use by Hessian descendants and researchers. Visit the archive web page (http://library.fandm.edu/archives/jsha.html) for a list of contents. A quick glance shows that their research for Johannes Dingler (a.k.a. Dingeler and Tingler) is in Box 20, Folder 22.

JSHA offers Certificates of Registration to individuals who can trace their bloodline to a Hessian soldier who remained in America. For more info on how to request an application, with complete instructions on how to submit your genealogy, are available online. Please note that there is a charge for the application as well as the certificate if they accept your application.

If you are interested in joining the JSHA, annual dues are $20 and a membership form is available online.