Dingler Cemetery in Douglas County, Georgia

Sandy Whittington, Chairman of the Douglas County Cemetery Preservation Committee, posted to the Dingler list on Rootsweb, about a recent cleanup of an abandoned Dingler cemetery in Douglas County, Georgia. Here is Sandy’s post:

I’m chairman of the Douglas County (Georgia) Cemetery Preservation Commission. We have undertaken a project to clean all the abandoned cemeteries in the county (there are 56 of them).

Yesterday we cleaned the Dingler family cemetery just off Kraft Drive in the southwestern area of Douglas County. We found inscribed markers for the following:

John T. Dingler — 3/4/1845 to 6/6/1897
Sarah Dingler — 9/7/1845 to 6/29/1907
Lela Dingler Dover — 5/21/1870 to 9/17/1912

We also found an inscribed footstone that matched those of the above three graves but bears the initials C.D. — despite probing the entire area, we did not find the corresponding grave marker. We don’t know if this 4th grave would be that of a Dingler or perhaps the husband of Lela. There are also five graves marked only with uninscribed fieldstones. These appear to be children’s graves and are likely the children of John and Sarah who disappear from census records while still very young.

John T. Dingler is 1-1-9-3 in the Dinglers of the South book on page 160. He is the grandson of Johannes and Nancy’s son William. I’ve asked Sandy if they have photos of the markers as well as coordinates for the cemetery.

Have any of our Georgia family visited this cemetery before? Add a comment if you have.