Cemeteries in Douglas Co. Georgia

On March 22, I posted about the Dingler Cemetery in Douglas Co., Georgia. Recently I received copies of photos of the headstones in that cemetery along with photos from the Oak Grove Cemetery. Some background info from Sandy Whittington of the Douglas Co. Cemetery Preservation Commission:

Coordinates for the Dingler cemetery are N 33 35 36.3 and W 084 53 50.1 – it’s in landlot 184, district 3, section 5. When James Dingler settled here in the 1850s, it was part of Carroll County but subsequently became part of Douglas County in the 1870s. James moved here from Pike County, GA.

The Sticher cemetery and the Dingler cemetery are one and the same (though we found no Sticher markers). John’s sister Clarissa married Newton Sticher, and they’re both buried just up the road in Oak Grove cemetery — along with several other members of the Sticher family.

The photos I received were resized from the originals, so I’m checking to see if we can get the originals. I’ve posted them as is but will re-post if I can get the originals. Here are J.T. and Sarah’s markers. To see all of the photos and for more info about the cemeteries, see the links that follow.

Dingler Cemetery (Douglas Co., Georgia)
Oak Grove Cemetery (Douglas Co., Georgia)