2003 Dingler Reunion held in Madison, Georgia

A total of 96 family members attended the 24th annual Dingler Reunion on July 18 and 19 in Madison, GA. We appreciate Lee and Elizabeth Winkles for handling the arrangements.

On Saturday, two groups explored the site of the old Johannes Dingler farm, located about 6 miles east of Madison. We engaged in interesting speculation as to the location of the homestead and burial place.

The Saturday night meeting was lively and productive. Several offered tributes to the late Martha Dingler Moore, the moving force behind the reunions for 23 years. Terry Cowan talked about the Dingler family’s connections with early Morgan County history. We discussed options for erecting a Revolutionary War monument for Johannes Dingler. The site of the original Dingler farm is now largely subdivided. Even if permission could be obtained to place a monument on the old farm, future access and maintenance could be a problem. A better option might be to place the monument in the nearby Swords Cemetery, located within a mile of the boundary of the original Dingler farm. (Also, the reunion was informed that the grave of Henry Dingler is being marked at Mt. Prospect Cemetery in Randolph County, AL). The membership was polled regarding future reunion sites. Most indicated a preference for Alabama or Georgia, and without a catered banquet. The membership approved bylaws for the family association. Finally, a research committee was formed to coordinate genealogical research and a reunion committee was formed to plan future reunions.